Mediumistic Unfoldment

Mediumistic Unfoldment is the deepest experience of awareness and consciousness, exploring deeper states we are entering into the magic of the flow state. Shamans, Mystics, Trance Mediums and Channels access the altered trance states divining inspiration for speaking, writing, art, poetry, philosophy, ancestral wisdom and guidance for the middle world, the world we live daily life in.

Trance Unfoldment enhances all areas of mediumship while developing conscious access to the channeling state enhances the experience of life and creative expression. Soul wisdom, universal wisdom, knowledge and guidance from the highest, brightest light can quicken inspiration through the channeling states.


Personal Coaching for Mediumistic Unfoldment is for developing mediums for the enhancement of Mental, trance, healing, private sittings and demonstrations, developing mediums who have been committed to their unfoldment for a minimum of 18 months. (Attending workshops, retreats and sitting regularly in circle.) The mediumistic coaching program focuses on catalysing your journey towards mediumistic excellence.

“the mediumship coaching with Richard helped me relax deeply as I communicated with the spirit and I realised how natural being in my power really is, I’ve discovered a calming confidence in my way of talking and connecting with people too. What brought it all together was awakening to the deepest value in myself as an individual and as a developing psychic medium. Im taking control of my life and my mediumship. I am trusting more in my private readings and accepting opportunities to build even more confidence for demonstrating in public.” – Michelle Spindlow

“I recently found myself needing some guidance & direction with my own spiritual development. After coming to something of a crossroad in my life, a friend recommended I see Richard for some personal coaching. I was unsure what to expect initially but within 5 minutes of my first session Richard had pinpointed exactly why I had come to see him & exactly what was holding me back in my development. Since that first session, we have resolved all of the issues I was struggling with, I have had a total change in attitude & mindset. I’ve been equipped with the tools I need to live my best life & perhaps most importantly, I’ve developed a healthy relationship with my true self again. I can’t quite explain how Richard does what he does,but I can say that throughout his coaching & support I’ve felt valued, empowered,encouraged, motivated & believed in. It is rare in life to meet someone with such integrity, knowledge & a genuine desire to help people improve their lives. Thank you Richard for believing in me more than I could ever have believed in myself.” – Lorraine Scott

“Mediumship Coaching helped me get my Mo’Jo back, I’m in The flow now with my readings again and the feedback is positive. I can meditate a little each day now and my dreams are becoming more vivid.” Anne Britton

“Hi Richard , Firstly Thank You for taking time with me. It has really helped me. I feel much better in my own skin and have learned to like myself ( warts & all ) . My self confidence is stronger. The best thing happened on Monday night . Had the usual sinking feeling in my stomach but I remembered the exercise You did with me last Saturday and it worked . That horrible feeling went away and I felt light and happy . Also U did well in class. Just trusted my intuition and went with it Yay. Gave two very good readings as well. So Many Thanks got helping me though I would like follow up coaching if that’s ok.” – Anne McCallum

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