Channeling is the direct experience of awareness and consciousness, exploring channeling states we are entering into the magic of the flow state. Shamans, Mystics, Healers, Trance Mediums and Channels access the altered trance states divining inspiration for speaking, writing, art, poetry, philosophy, ancestral wisdom and guidance for the middle world, the world we live daily life in. Trance Unfoldment enhances all areas of mediumship while developing conscious access to the channeling state enhances the experience of life and creative expression. Soul wisdom, universal wisdom, knowledge and guidance from the highest, brightest light can quicken inspiration through the channeling states.

Channeling our focus for higher wisdom and guidance, we can manifest miraculous experiences opening us up to more and more higher spiritual truths of the reality of divine wisdom. Shamanic Divination catalyses the process of self-exploration, direct spiritual wisdom and healing.