Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a powerful experience of reclaiming inner power, essence, soul and spiritual authority.

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice and plays a vital role in energy medicine and healing. Shamanism itself, is an old spiritual healing practice dating back to over 40,000 years. The Tungus tribe in Siberia was the birthplace to what we now know as the shaman “one who sees in the dark”.

A shaman communicates with both worlds, the spirit and physical. Archeological evidence suggests that Shamanism has been practised throughout the earth as a divinatory healing system. Shamans acted as Doctors, Psychotherapists, Mind Coaches, Mystics, Priests/Priestesses, Seers, Sages, Healers, Teachers, Storytellers and Spiritual Leaders.

Soul loss and symptoms are when a person doesn’t feel fully in their body or may not feel fully here or fully alive. This can result from grief of moving from the family when a child, through an accident, where conflict maybe with the family home or it there has been any kind of abuse (emotional, mental, sexual, physical) Also from witnessing a bad accident, natural disasters, power play in relationships, making decisions and acting against our morals, relationship break ups, short or long term addictions or the death of a loved one.

The soul disassociating can be considered a step of protection, considering if a car accident as about to happen, the soul part would flee before the impact so not to take the full impact of the trauma. When the soul part leaves for the spirit world it never goes alone as it become accompied by a power animal. After the incident is over, the soul may not know this or may not know to come return. Or the soul part may have its release from bring a past life into consciousness. The role of the shaman is to journey with their spirit team through to where the soul is and to negotiate it’s return home.

Soul loss can leave a void that needs to be filled and this unhealthy replacement is usually done by over eating, drinking, addictions, unbalanced relationships, over working and over achieving, resulting in life being out of balance. It can manifest as emotional and psychological symptoms.When the soul parts are retrieved they can come back with a power animal that fills the void and minimises the chances of intrusion, depression, PTSD and unhealthy attachments. We go from de-spirited to inspired with the help of our power animal to restore our souls power and brings us closer to wholeness.

In modern times the emphasis of conscious living is growing in awareness while feeling alive in what we do with our contribution/work. The benefits of soul retrieval is feeling more whole, more alive and becoming conscious in our lives, lighter, joyful, happier, grounded and in control of our lives. A soul can also be retrieved in the higher states of consciousness, higher selves, Mystical states, guides, ascended masters which can also be retrieved trough past life healing and trance meditation. We can also be ready to let go of the past and be prepared to move forward in our lives.

When the soul cluster returns we will want to maintain its rooting in our energy integrating itself within us with additional counselling and/or healing. The soul will be happy to stay when it is safe for it to remain. It is wise to plan for the future feeling more whole and more alive.

Shamanic Counselling is a holistic approach of awakening to direct spiritual wisdom through exploring shamanic states of consciousness and is a deeply personal healing experience with therapeutic benefits.