Soul Journeys

Through soul exploration, past life regression, in between lives and future life progression. we can explore the timeline of the soul and receive many insights from our soul guidance and council. Accessing the wisdom of the soul is available to us. Past life regression can take up to two hours and is deep healing work. Returning from Past life regression with the intention of living more fully in this life..

• Heal from Past lives

• Connect with your spirit guides

• Past life exploration

• Between lives awareness

• Life before birth

• Open to channeling

• Perinatal influences

• Inner child

• Past life journey

• Ascension

• Future Life Exploration

• Inner Wisdom

• Other lives, other selves

• Soul retrieval

“Eventually we will all understand that all wisdom is within us, and as we remember, practice and access this wisdom, we will become our own best teacher.” Brian Weiss Past Life Therapist.

Exploring the potential of the soul and the other world for healing, transformation and spiritual progression. Shamanic Journeying with Transpersonal Hypnosis catalyses the process of self-exploration, direct spiritual wisdom and healing.

• Align with your deeper mind

• Connect with your spirit guide

• Retrieve your power animal

• Enhance your intuition

• Manifest divine presence

• Heal from past lives

• Energy healing

• Journey to the Akashic Records

• Open to channeling

• Journey to god consciousness

• Remove energy blockages

• Transform limiting beliefs

• Connect with your guardian angel

• Work with the ascended masters

• Trance Meditation

• Open to healing experiences

• Awaken your psychic potential

• Attune to your higher self

• Be more in the present moment

• Develop your Self-esteem

• Utilise Universal Mind

• Co-Create a compelling future

• Experience creative consciousness

• Eliminate fears / fast phobia cure

• Reframe past negative experiences

• Build personal confidence

• Transform Beliefs

• Deep relaxation

Shamanic Journeying and energy healing are a powerful experience of reclaiming inner power, essence, soul, spiritual authority.

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