NLP Mind Coaching

Healing the Mind helps the body to relax and the emotions to flow more easily. How the mind processes is through the senses: visualising, feeling, hearing, smelling & tasting. If there is an energy blockage in one of the preferred senses, which is usually visual, auditory or feeling, the mind can process the experience as unpleasant which can cause emotional blockage and imbalance within the mind-body. Hurts, negative experiences from the past and uncertainties about the future can generate depression, PTSD, anxiety, anger, stress, resentment, worry, fear and phobic responses.

How the mind processes can influence how certain emotions and feelings are accessed. Just as when the mind-body is relaxed and feeling good or is processing an experience as hopeful, excited, happy, joyful, relieved, humourus, well planned, certain about a future direction and confident that a situation or a relationship will go an expected positive way. When the mind becomes aligned in its imagination towards what’s it sees, feels with positive self talk that causes the mind-body to feel good, hopeful, empowered and confident, the possibility and potential for deeper healing opens up.

Through guided visualisation and relaxation the mind, body and spirit can align and flow joyfully and openly. Deeper energy can become released and can cause greater feelings of euphoria, centeredness, focus, calmness, forgiveness, direction, health and well-being. Accessing and living from the spirit mind becomes the difference that makes the difference in aligning mind, body & spirit.
A healing mind is a creative mind.

Right here, right now,

Deeper in this very moment,

All is well,

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