NLP Shamanics

Richard is licensed and trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He began his training in 2003 with NLP Practice and then moved onto the NLP Master Practice training, after a couple of years using and applying the NLP methodology, technology and attitude, Richard experienced training in NLP Business Practice. With six years experience his confidence and competence utilising NLP grew into a new application of NLP Coaching skills which later up-skilled into NLP Accredited in Life & Business Coaching. Seven years on, Richard specialised his training further into NLP Accreditation in Mind Coaching. Richard is a member of the International Association of Mind Coaches (IAMC).

Building upon his experiences with NLP, Richard ventured into exploring a higher calling and trained in NLP Shamanics which fine-tuned his skills to access deeper trance states and deeper reflection. Building upon his experiences with NLP Shamanics, Richard enhanced his skill set and trained for three more years in Shamanic Practice, Advanced Shamanic Practice and Shamanic Counselling. He went on to research for three further years exploring deeper experiences through retreats on Mediumship: Training & Development, Mediumistic Trance and Trance Healing through guidance with Teachers of Mediumship & Spiritual Healers.