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Inner Spring

May you rise with the feeling of motivation,

as the sun ascends before you open your eyes in the morning,

May you feel as strong as the force of spring in May,

Moving rapidlay towards your desires and dreams,

quietly determined, ferociously driven,

May  you live with vision and hope,

as the simplicity of your transition blossoms,

in the tangibility of the seen,

In the secular of the known,

May you fulfill your intentions,

as the sun rises through June,

knowing that you can,

Knowing that you will,

Just as the sun lights up the day without permission,

May  your life sing like a bird in early morn,

as a rainbow radiates like a powerful relief,

the warmth of April can shine as the smile of satisfaction,

illuminating any lingering darkness,

May the birth of the dawn be the reflection awakening in your soul.

creating a forest of harmony in your relations,

And a shining sun on the meadow of your achievements.


Remember you are from Peacefulness…

Remember you are from Freedom…

Remember you are from Pure Joy and Happiness…

these seeds have been planted long, long ago…

they are Deeply Rooted in your soul…

welcome their growth in your being, personality and behaviour…

The want to expand outwards to meet the seasons of life like nature does…

we know what to expect during winter, so we prepare and deal with unexpected surprises as they arise…

springtime brings the colours and the birds singing and the brighter hopefulness that we embrace with excitement, buds of new beginnings emerge…

the summer sun shines deeply into our lives filling us with a radiating cheerfulness…

a tree let’s go of it leaves in autumn willingly,

embracing change once again for it knows that from which it came will regrow,

and blossom once again as each opportunity brings change and reason to be itself.

Be your natural self,

expand outwards

and welcome unexpected gifts from the universe.

Allow the seasons of learning and time to encourage and shape your acceptance into your true nature.

Remember You are from Greatness!


Feeling grateful and thankful for all the hidden joys and happiness in our lives is an act of rebellion…

discovering that we, ourselves are awakening

while choosing and deciding to explore who and what we could be appreciative for is a powerful option we can make within us.

But we must make this declaration through our own Realisations that it is true for us,


or will be true!

Deeply feeling the humility of the universe as a loud silence in our being and demeanour is a resolution of prophesy.

We can own the space we fill with our essence as we shine with the light of radiating pure worthiness of the universe experiencing itself.

Divine purpose,

becoming the ultimate self acceptance,

always expanding, always growing, always becoming…

the source of creation is always creatively creating,

we become what we breath with our breath and focus upon with our minds,

of the highest manifestations,

we can always rediscover new ways of being…




Something wonderful

Today go on the search for a mystery,

Live your life as normal while exploring and remaining open to a miraculous surprise,

Deep inside give birth to an expectation of an amazing discovery…

Something wonderful is going to happen today,

One word that will open your heart,

One phrase that will make you giggle…

A gesture that will cause you to smile…

How many mysteries will you discover,

I wonder how these new found treasures will enrich your experiences throughout today.

Maybe You will be the source of mystery for another by causing them to smile,

laugh or

feel good inside.

To discover an ultimate mystery

or to welcome small enjoyable pleasant mysteries along the way…

or maybe both!”