Positive Thinking

I am thinking positive

I am thinking deeply positive thoughts

I am experiencing positive thinking

I am enjoying positivity

I am thriving in positive thinking

I am loving positive feelings

I am succeeding with positive thinking

I am excelling with positive thinking

I am excelling with a positive mind & attitude

I am approaching life with a positive attitude

I am identifying as a positive leader

I am behaving as a positive person

I am leading as a positive champion

I am winning with positive thinking

I am producing smart positive ideas

I am feeling refreshingly positive

I am seeing my life circumstances with a positive slant

I am filling my life with positivity

I am succeeding in positivity

I am living a positive lifestyle

I am owning infinite positivity

I am joining positivity with positivity

I am creating positive approaches

I am creating positivity

I am positivity

I am filling up with positive solution

I am overflowing with positive associations

I am flowing like a positive ocean river

I am shining with positive energy

I am smiling with positivity

I am applying useful and practical positive thinking

Healing deeper emotions

I am learning to relate to my deeper emotions with confidence and ease

I am accepting my deeper emotions with softness and compassion

I am receiving my deeper emotions with openness

I am experiencing my deeper emotions with openness and playful curiosity

I am processing my deeper emotions with trust and confidence

I am witnessing my deeper emotions as they heal and transform

I am releasing my deeper emotions to be processed and resolved

I am ferociously resolving my deeper emotions

I am allowing my deeper emotions to calm and cleanse

I am creating a wider space for my deeper emotions to breath

I am allowing my deeper emotions to become completely transformed

I am enjoying my deeper emotions fully supporting my highest intentions

I am thriving as my deeper emotions fully support living with wholeness

I am succeeding with my deeper emotions processing my highest good

I am deepening my trust and confidence in my emotions

I am living life on purpose

I am experiencing full emotional freedom

I am succeeding with emotional freedom

I am embracing the love in my deeper emotions

I am living peacefully with my deeper emotions