Positive Thinking

I am thinking positive I am thinking deeply positive thoughts I am experiencing positive thinking I am enjoying positivity I am thriving in positive thinking I am loving positive feelings I am succeeding with positive thinking I am excelling with positive thinking I am excelling with a positive mind & attitude I am approaching life […]

Sacred Space

I am a living sacred space I am breathing divine essence into my sacred space I am allowing my sacred space to be filled with the divine presence I am inviting healing source to fill my sacred space I am sacred space I am loving sacred space as my home I am embracing god as […]

Heart Space

I am living with beautiful heart space I am breathing in and out while expanding my heart space I am sensing my heart space widening I am filling my heart space with more heart space I am allowing my heart space to heal I am allowing my heart space to vibrate health I am allowing […]

Positive Mental Health

I am growing into positive mental health I am safeguarding my positive mental health I am loving my positive mental health I am welcoming all of the positive mental health I can experience I am filling with positive mental health I am embracing the benefits and rewards of owning my positive mental health I am […]

Positive Mind & Attitude

I am loving thinking positive thoughts. I am feeling positive and strong. I am creating positivity as a useful and effective win/win. I am enjoying learning more of what a positive Mind and attitude can become. I am in love with feeling positive. I am useful and effective with living positive strategies. I am a […]


I’m loving trusting my intuiting. I enjoy trusting my intuition. I’m loving trusting my intuitive processes. I enjoy trusting my gut feelings. I’m opening while trusting the guidance from my intuitive potential. I enjoy relaxing into trusting intuitive awareness. I love feeling alive with intuition. I enjoy being positive while moving into trusting deeper and […]

Inspired by Intuition

I enjoy being inspired by my own intuition. I’m loving being inspired through my own intuitive processes. I enjoy being inspire by my own successful intuitive decision decision making. I’m loving being inspired by my own intuitive potential. I enjoy being inspired by my own intuitive intelligence. I’m loving being inspired by my own intuitive […]

Allowing Intuition

I’m allowing intuition to lead me purposefully. I’m allowing intuition to amplify it’s guidance. I’m allowing eternal love through my intuition always. I’m allowing intuition to magnify it’s presence. I’m allowing creative genius to inspire my way of being. I’m allowing higher spiritual truths though my intuiting. I’m allowing higher purpose to inspire my intuition. […]

Intuitive Intelligence

I enjoy being inspired by intuitive intelligence. I love being guided with intuitive intelligence. I love growing and evolving through intuitive intelligence. I enjoy imagining the potential of intuitive intelligence. I love thriving with intuitive intelligence. I enjoy intuiting higher intelligence. I love radiating intuitive intelligence. I love originating intuitively intelligent ideas & insights. I […]

Loving Intuitive Awareness

I’m loving being intuitively guided. I’m loving realizing intuitive joy. I’m loving living in creative flow. I’m loving being inspired with intuitive ideas/insights/realisations. I’m loving being on intuitive purpose. I’m loving intuiting greatness. I’m loving intuitively inspired living. I’m loving intuitively feeling my worthiness. I’m loving receiving inspiration from intuitive source. I’m loving being intuitively […]