Richard D. Martin started exploring Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2002 and completed an NLP Diploma. NLP is the science of the study of subjectivity in that we can focus on our strengths and learn to amplify them towards a useful direction also known as the science of personal development / self improvement.

In 2004 Richard Became a Licensed NLP Practitioner with the Irish Institute of NLP. He began exploring workshops and classes on spiritual unfoldment and development which introduced him to Shamanism and different forms of Mediumship. He was introduced to the Arthur Findlay College, a college that leads the professional training of mediumship. He attended weekly retreats on the training and development of mediumship, specifically 10 weekly retreats over a two year period which opened an to invitation for sitting weekly in a mediumship circle in the House of Healing. Richard has studied with the University of Metaphysics/Sedona & the University of Ulster.

Richard continued his NLP training in Master Practice, Hypnosis, NLP Shamanics & NLP Business Practitioner. He went onto explore training in energy healing with many different teachers and approaches. He completed Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counselling training in Dunderry Park.

For almost 15 years Richard worked as a doorman / door supervisor and retired after the last 8 years working in the Europa Hotel as the Floor Manager  He applied his NLP training to working with private clients and began his NLP Mind Coaching Practice and Personal & Spiritual Development Circles and Workshops. Richard has worked with thousands of clients and specialises in working spiritual practitioners and seekers, intuitives, empaths, healers and mediums.