Richard D. Martin Conscious Channel, Transpersonal Therapist & NLP Mind Coach.

Richard was informed of his spiritual calling Into channeling through mediumistic, psychic, intuitive & tarot readings from around 2002. He became aware of the pattern of guidance containing the same information coming through the readers. After the pattern became obvious, he would travel to Intuitives around Ireland and the UK to receive readings so he could further explore the reliability and validity of the guidance he had been given.

He began seeking out healing, trying all kinds of approaches, some of them more effective than others. When he discovered the role of the wounded healer, which is a person who has their own wounds to heal and also serve as a healer, he realised that his path would be a life long healing journey picking up healing tools along the way as he continues to grow and evolve.

Richard D. Martin Training & Qualifications:

Transpersonal Therapist

  • Accredited Transpersonal Therapist
  • Shamanic Counsellor (completed training three times) 
  • Shamanic Practitioner (completed training 2 times)
  • Past Life Therapist 
  • Reiki Teacher
  • Energy EFT Master Practitioner 
  • Energy Healer (attuned to 5 master practitioner levels)
  • Tarot Practitioner 
  • Channeling & Trance (circle work for 8 years plus completed 11 residential intensives on spirit communication over a two year period) 
  • Metaphysical Practitioner with Certification through the IMM in Metaphysical Science, Transpersonal Counselling & Holistic Life Coaching 
  • OBOD Bardic Graduate

NLP Mind Coach 

  • NLP Practitioner 
  • NLP Business Practitioner 
  • NLP Master Practitioner 
  • Hypnosis as an Application of NLP
  • Shamanics as an Application of NLP 
  • Satir Coaching & Mentoring Specialist 
  • NLP Life Coach 
  • NLP Business Coach 
  • Accredited NLP Mind Coach
  • Diploma in Mind Coaching
  • Diploma in Behavioural and Social Sciences