Richard D. Martin Psychospiritual Counsellor & Coach

Richard was informed through spiritual guidance that he was being called to the shamanic healing path, so he sought out leading mediums in Ireland and the UK to explore further the validity and reliability in his higher calling.

His quest has lead him through many spiritual & shamanic retreats and workshops to sitting in weekly circles experiencing many levels of spiritual unfoldment & conscious transformation. He facilitates shamanic and mediumistic trance circles.

Qualifications & Training:

Shamanic Practitioner / Adv. Practitioner / Shamanic Counsellor

NLP Shamanics Practitioner / NLP Practitioner / NLP Master Practitioner / NLP Accredited Mind Coach

Reiki Trainer / Master Practitioner of four Energy Healing Methods

Transpersonal Counsellor & Tarot Practitioner with Palmistry/Astrology/Numerology

Richard is a Graduate of the University of Ulster & The University of Metaphysics/Sedona

A session with Richard is deeply transformative and includes a combination of his training and experience.