Positive Mind & Attitude

I am loving thinking positive thoughts.

I am feeling positive and strong.

I am creating positivity as a useful and effective win/win.

I am enjoying learning more of what a positive Mind and attitude can become.

I am in love with feeling positive.

I am useful and effective with living positive strategies.

I am a practical positive thinker and doer.

I am breathing positive energy.

I am applying new positive solutions to pragmatic problem solving.

I am being pure brilliant positivity.

I am spreading positive energy just by being myself.

I am filling my body with creative vibrant colourful energy.

I am loving looking out at Life with optimism, positivity and radiant joy.

I am feeling more positive and strong towards healing relationships.

I am feeling my soul alive with positive radiance.

I am being myself positively and purposefully.

I am a positive, practical and intuitive person.

I am being respected, admired and celebrated for my positive energy.

I am unfolding pure positivity in my life.

I am realising pure potential positivity.

I am quietly confident with my positive interpretations.

I am celebrating my positive identity every moment.

I am receiving warm comments and affection for lightening up the energy.

I am receiving infinite positive source energy.

I am speaking positivity through my voice.

I am a vibrating source of positivity.

I am spreading positive frequencies where ever I am.

I am welcoming more and more positive energy.

I am channeling a universe of positive vibrations.

I am moving as an ocean of positive wisdom.

I am experiencing positive emotional intelligence.

I am leaving worry and stress to positivity.

I am loving freedom as positive abundance.

I am feeling rich, wealthy and prosperous as a positive human being.

I am a super magnet of infinite free flowing positivity.

I am believing that positivity is useful for me.

I am the driving force of positive energy.

I am using my personal power positively.

I am refocusing on positive outcomes.

I am building useful and positive bridges of communication.

I am living gratitude for mindful positivity.

I am loving my positive character.

I am demonstrating positive posture.

I am living positively now.

I am sourcing positive leadership.

I am pioneering positive leadership.

I am living as a positive genius.

I am co-creating my future as a positive visionary.

I am a living artist, poet and philosopher of infinite possibilities and positivity.

I am loving positive vibrations.

I am a living and vibrating positive spirit.

I am dreaming positive solutions every night.

I am living life positively.

I am positively positive.