Feeling grateful and thankful for all the hidden joys and happiness in our lives is an act of rebellion…

discovering that we, ourselves are awakening

while choosing and deciding to explore who and what we could be appreciative for is a powerful option we can make within us.

But we must make this declaration through our own Realisations that it is true for us,


or will be true!

Deeply feeling the humility of the universe as a loud silence in our being and demeanour is a resolution of prophesy.

We can own the space we fill with our essence as we shine with the light of radiating pure worthiness of the universe experiencing itself.

Divine purpose,

becoming the ultimate self acceptance,

always expanding, always growing, always becoming…

the source of creation is always creatively creating,

we become what we breath with our breath and focus upon with our minds,

of the highest manifestations,

we can always rediscover new ways of being…