Who are you? Enquiring into Excellence

In the daily spiritual & metaphysical practice on the journey towards Self-Realisation the teachings suggest that the seeker asks of themselves through the process of self-enquiry ‘who am I?’ When we ask this question we can ask with an openness and keen curiosity probing all level an all states of mind, in all environments and in all social settings. As we enquire we are diving deep, even deeper beyond our own personal identity, even further beyond our family, social, cultural and beyond our human identity, as we enquire who am I? who am I? who am I?The process of asking this question is far more beautiful than ever finding the answer, as the beauty is in the unfolding of the answer through continual questioning who am I? with vivacious tenacity and exciting anticipation remaining open to the potential and possibilities.Be an open minded seeker, enthusiastically seeking as+ ever evolving awareness within the psychology of arriving, that is, not to become a professional seeker, always seeking, but to become a professional finder… open to the synchronicities of universal guidance… your internal awareness growing as you become more and more confident and more and more filled with meaningfulness and wisdom as you enquire into the excellence of your highest truest identity, your most creative, loving, kind inner-nature.

PictureWho are you?
You are Magnificent, You are Fabulous, You are Excellence, You are Dynamic, You are Kind, You are Loving, You are Intuitive, You are Happiness, You are Joy, You are Greatness, You are Whole, You are a Winner, You are an Original Person, You are Powerful ,You are Confident, You are Inner-Peace, You are a Potential Genius, You are Blissful, You are Complete, You are Contentment, You are Satisfaction, You are the Universe experiencing itself, You are Beautiful, You are Ecstasy, You are enough, You are more than enough. You are a spirit having a human experience.Who are you? Who are you really? You are infinite potential manifesting as itself through you, You are filled with New Creative Ideas for enjoying life while improving your communication with yourself, improving your spirituality, improving your life, your relationships while improving the way you are becoming more of service.You have the potential ability to become anything and do anything in life.You are a free individual with the birth right to freely inquire into who you really are with tenacious endeavour, you need only your permission, ONLY YOUR PERMISSION, Your Life is YOUR LIFE! nobody else’s but yours. Embrace it, Enjoy it and live life one moment at a time, one day at a time. Know yourself and be yourself!Read books on spirituality, popular psychology, self help, philosophy Metaphysics, while listening to audio courses on self improvement, attend workshops, courses and seminars, on what interests you! Create an inner rebellion, an absolute dedication and commitment to yourself that no matter what happens in life, both negative and positive, that your reputation with yourself becomes excellent, impeccable, growing and evolving with integrity. Life brings with it seasons, in your life you will experience winters, summers, autumns and springs. During the trails, feedback and successes in life it will be who you become as your life evolves, that will be the difference that makes the difference in your attitude towards yourself and your life. Know yourself, be yourself and become an original and an inspiring individual!

One thought on “Who are you? Enquiring into Excellence

  1. Beautifully written, and so powerful. If readers deeply absorb your post, the semantics alone may empower them enough to seek a more fulfilling journey. Personally, I read your post with heightened sensory awareness. Yes, yes, yes. I want to achieve my highest and best. Any differences that will make the difference in my self-actuality…sign me up yesterday. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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