I’m loving trusting my intuiting.

I enjoy trusting my intuition.

I’m loving trusting my intuitive processes.

I enjoy trusting my gut feelings.

I’m opening while trusting the guidance from my intuitive potential.

I enjoy relaxing into trusting intuitive awareness.

I love feeling alive with intuition.

I enjoy being positive while moving into trusting deeper and wider creative genius expressions.

I love improving how I completely trust going with my intuitive guidance.

I can openly trust my intuitive decision making now.

I’m loving experiencing intuitive excellence.

I enjoy the process of mastering my intuiting.

I love living in the trusting flow of my intuitive frequency.

I’m intuiting wisdom every day in every way.

Being open to intuiting the wisdom of the universe fills me with aliveness.

My positive attitude causes a stronger trusting with intuitive possibilities.

I love trusting my intuitive ideas.

I love experiencing subtle confidence while expressing my trust in the intuitive process and flow.

I’m completely trusting while in my intuitive flow.

Trusting intuition opens me up more often more of the time.

Intuitive breathing is trustful expansion of my intuitive presence.

I love trusting the unfolding of intuiting.

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