The more you relax into your intuition the more you will trust your subtle experiences.

The way you breathe can cause you to open your awareness while trusting the intuitive feelings your are experiencing.

Relaxing into a calm state of being, while breathing in… and breathing out… will cause you to trust that slower breathing relaxes how you feel… intuitive guidance can be subtle and you could easily become aware of it more often, more of the time.

Trusting the way you trust has worked for you in the past as you can remember trusting before, the way you have made decisions that have proven to have been the correct decision for the direction you are heading… trusting has got you here, now while you can remember good experiences and fun times… trusting your intuition in the same way.. can cause you to trust trusting how you feel, like smiling is natural and you can see how relaxing into the flow of trusting your gut feelings can be as easy as breathing in… and breathing out… which is another natural process.

Gut feelings can help you see more clearly the way you feel guided about a person or a situation and a way forward is in front of you as you have trusted trusting your gut reactions… while making decisions and choices you knew where right for you.. as you may re-read this… intuitive decisions can continue to make more sense.

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