Intuitive Ownership & Empowerment

Intuition is your birthright and is yours to experience fully for living a rich, happy and abundant, fulfilling life.

Intuition is a sacred gift!

Intuition is your core director guiding and leading you.

Intuition is yours, use it and be used by it!

Intuition is healing and helpful.

Intuition should be nurtured, cared for and loved.

Intuition can be likened to a loving, wise and compassionate parent.

Intuition can make us feel good or feel great.

Intuition is the receptor of your soul’s wisdom.

Your intuition always knows what the next best thing is to do.

Intuition is a magnificent and purposeful inner voice.

Your intuition can never be taken away from you!

Intuition is yours by spiritual law.

Through your intuition YOU can make a difference.

Intuition can help create a future we all want to belong.

Intuition is a best friend who is always watching out for you.

Your life will benefit from intuitive inspiration.

Intuition is purposeful.

Your souls mission can be known by opening up intuitively.

Intuition is fuelled by the light of our creator.

Your intuition the universe is having an experience of itself.

Intuition can amplify your health.

Intuitive processes can enhance your talents, skills and gifts.

Intuition can help expand, grow and evolve your self image.

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