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Richard D. Martin Coaching

Private Online Appointments Available:

  • Trauma Healing
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Release Blocked Energy
  • Retrieve Power back from a person, place or event
  • Collapse Negative Energy
  • Personal & Spiritual Empowerment
  • Create a Personal Mission Statement
  • Move from Contracted to Expanded Awareness in an area
  • Deep Energy Healing
  • Connect with Power Animals, Spirit Helpers & Teachers
  • Learn from the Elements & Four Directions
  • Strengthen Your Inner Healer
  • Past Life Healing
  • Awaken Deeper Self Knowledge & Wisdom
  • Open to your Intuitive Flow
  • Move Towards Wholeness
  • Holistic Alignment
  • Meet with Your Ancestors
  • Healing for Your Inner Child
  • Attune to Higher Guides, Ascended Masters, God/Goddess
  • Align with Future Timelines
  • Tarot Guidance
  • Connect with the Earth and Nature Spirits
  • Open to Channeling
  • Embody Your Spiritual Inner Presence
  • Grow in Mystical Awareness
  • Expand into Your Highest Identity
  • Grow in your Self-Esteeming & Self Confidence
  • Create Well Formed Goals with Multiple Outcomes

– Not all appointments are the same and experiences may vary –