Richard D. Martin is an NLP Accredited Mind Coach and Transpersonal Therapist.

Transpersonal means beyond the personal, a form of Spiritual Psychology, expanding beyond the mind into power states of consciousness for embodying healing, conscious transformation & spiritual growth.

Healing States of Consciousness.

Since 2002 Richard has been following his calling for working for the spirit. He graduated with a diploma in behavioural & social sciences and is an Accredited Mind Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, a Specialist in Satir Coaching & Mentoring, Certified in NLP Shamanics with further training in Shamanic Practice, Adv. Shamanic Practice and a Shamanic Counselling with Accreditation in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. He attended two years of intensive retreats in Trance Mediumship and sat in a weekly circle for Mediumistic Unfoldment for over 7 years. He teaches regular Reiki 1 to 1 Mentorships.

Shamanic States of Consciousness.

Richard offers appointments, both in person and online. Sessions are healing, transformative and can include:

  • Reconnecting with your power
  • Intuitive Empowerment
  • Restoring Self Confidence
  • Shamanic dreaming & Journeying
  • Collapse disempowering energy
  • Healing past lives
  • Connect with spirit helpers, ascended masters & higher guides
  • Ancestral healing
  • Clearing Intrusions
  • Higher self alignment
  • Create clear intentions
  • inner child healing
  • heal from trauma & shame
  • Align with future timeline
  • open to universal mind
  • Connect with deepest archetypes
  • Energy healing & clearing
  • Attune with highest identity
  • Release stagnant misplaced energy
  • Conscious breathing
  • Spiritual unfoldment
  • Conscious transformation
  • Communicate with ancestors
  • Strengthen your roots in the earth

Each appointment is different and experiences may vary in support of your healing, transformation & empowerment. Appointments can take up to 90 minutes.

Mediumistic States of Consciousness.

Shamanic Counselling is a two hour appointment and involves four stages. Intention setting, Journey narration & recording, listening to the journey and integration.

Mind Coaching for Beyond the Mind enhances spiritual & psychological health, complimenting emotional well-being while amplifying physical comfort.

Peacefulness within, Peacefulness between, Peacefulness Among.

Making an appointment is simple and can be done by connecting through one the following social media platforms